Google Summer of Code 2020’s first evaluation is about to complete. This post discusses about the progress so far in the last two weeks of the first coding period from 15 June to 30 June 2020.

Completion of the demo package#

We successfully created the demo app and uploaded it to the test.pypi. It contains the main and the secondary package. The main package is analogous to the matplotlib and secondary package is analogous to the matplotlib_baseline_images package as discussed in the previous blog.

Learning more about the Git and mpl workflow#

I came across another way to merge the master into the branch to resolve conflicts is by rebasing the master. I understood how to create modular commits inside a pull request for easy reviewal process and better understandability of the code.

Creation of the matplotlib_baseline_images package#

Then, we implemented the similar changes to create the matplotlib_baseline_images package. Finally, we were successful in uploading it to the test.pypi. This package is involved in the sub-wheels directory so that more packages can be added in the same directory, if needed in future. The matplotlib_baseline_images package contain baseline images for both matplotlib and mpl_toolkits. Some changes were required in the main matplotlib package’s so that it will not take information from the packages present in the sub-wheels directory.

Symlinking the baseline images#

As baseline images are moved out of the lib/matplotlib and lib/mpl_toolkits directory. We symlinked the locations where they are used, namely in lib/matplotlib/testing/, tools/, lib/matplotlib/tests/ and lib/mpl_toolkits/tests/

Creation of the tests/test_data directory#

There are some test data that is present in the baseline_images which doesn’t need to be moved to the matplotlib_baseline_images package. So, that is stored under the lib/matplotlib/tests/test_data folder.

Understanding Travis, Appvoyer and Azure-pipelines#

I came across the Continuous Integration tools used at mpl. We tried to install the matplotlib followed by matplotlib_baseline_images package in all three travis, appvoyer and azure-pipeline.

Future Goals#

Once the current PR is merged, we will move to the Proposal for the baseline images problem.

Daily Meet-ups#

Everyday meeting initiated at 11:00pm IST via Zoom. Meeting notes are present at HackMD.

I am grateful to be part of such a great community. Project is really interesting and challenging :) Thanks Antony and Hannah for helping me so far.