I Sidharth Bansal, was waiting for the coding period to start from the March end so that I can make my hands dirty with the code. Finally, coding period has started. Two weeks have passed. This blog contains information about the progress so far from 1 June to 14 June 2020.

Movement from mpl-test and mpl packages to mpl and mpl-baseline-images packages#

Initially, we thought of creating a mpl-test and mpl package. Mpl-test package would contain the test suite and baseline images while the other package would contain parts of repository other than test and baseline-images related files and folders. We changed our decision to creation of mpl and mpl-baseline-images packages as we don’t need to create separate package for entire test suite. Our main aim was to eliminate baseline_images from the repository. Mpl-baseline-images package will contain the data[/baseline images] and related information. The other package will contain files and folders other than baseline images. We are now trying to create the following structure for the repository:

  lib/mpl/tests/...  [contains the tests .py files]
    data/...  [contains the image files]

It will involve:

  • Symlinking baseline images out.
  • Creating a wheel/sdist with just the baseline images; uploading it to testpypi (so that one can do pip install mpl-baseline-images).

Following prototype modelling#

I am creating a prototype first with two packages - main package and sub-wheel package. Once the demo app works well on Test PyPi, we can do similar changes to the main mpl repository. The structure of demo app is analogous to the work needed for separation of baseline-images to a new package mpl-baseline-images as given below:


This will also include related MANIFEST files and setup.cfg.template files. The setup.py will also contain logic for exclusion of baseline-images folder from the main mpl-package.

Following Enhancements over iterations#

After the current PR is merged, we will focus on eliminating the baseline-images from the mpl-baseline-images package. Then we will do similar changes for the Travis CI.

Bi weekly meet-ups scheduled#

Every Tuesday and every Friday meeting is initiated at 8:30pm IST via Zoom. Meeting notes are present at HackMD.

I am grateful to be part of such a great community. Project is really interesting and challenging :) Thanks Antony and Hannah for helping me so far.