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The Scientific Python Development Guide

One outcome of the 2023 Scientific Python Developer Summit was the Scientific Python Development Guide, a comprehensive guide to modern Python package development, complete with a new project template supporting 10+ build backends and a WebAssembly-powered checker with checks linked to the guide. The guide covers topics like modern, compiled, and classic packaging, style checks, type checking, docs, task runners, CI, tests, and much more! There also are sections of tutorials, principles, and some common patterns.

This guide (along with cookie & repo-review) started in Scikit-HEP in 2020. During the summit, it was merged with the NSLS-II guidelines, which provided the basis for the principles section. I’d like to thank and acknowledge Dan Allan and Gregory Lee for working tirelessly during the summit to rework, rewrite, merge, and fix the guide, including writing most of the tutorials pages and first patterns page, and rewriting the environment page as a tutorial.

Developer Summit 1
The first Scientific Python Developer Summit (May 22-26, 2023) brought together 34 developers at the eScience Institute at the University of Washington to develop shared infrastructure, documentation, tools, and recommendations for libraries in the Scientific Python ecosystem. Pre-summit planning Prior to the summit we held several hour-long planning meetings: General (2023-02-27) May 15, Package metrics, DevStats May 15, SPECs May 18, Community & Documentation May 19, Build Systems & CI Infrastructure May 19, PyTest plugins & Sphinx extensions Summit execution At the summit, we had a brief check-in and then split into several groups based on each developers time and interests.
Developer Summit 1: Sparse Arrays
Scientific-Python Developer Summit (May 22-26, 2023, Seattle WA) – The first Scientific Python Developer Summit provided an opportunity for core developers from the scientific Python ecosystem to come together to: improve joint infrastructure better coordinate core projects work on a shared strategic plan Related notes/sites: Worklog. Planning Meeting Notes and Info. One of the focuses of the summit was Sparse Arrays, and specifically their implementation in SciPy. This post attempts to recap what happened with “sparse” at the summit and a glimpse of plans for our continuing work.