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NumPy's first Developer in Residence: Sayed Adel
The NumPy team is excited to announce the launch of the NumPy Fellowship Program and the appointment of Sayed Adel (@seiko2plus) as the first NumPy Developer in Residence. This is a significant milestone in the history of the project: for the first time, NumPy is in a position to use its project funds to pay for a full year of maintainer time. We believe that this will be an impactful program that will contribute to NumPy’s long-term sustainability as a community-driven open source project.
NumPy Contributor Spotlight: Mukulika Pahari
Our first Contributor Spotlight interview is with Mukulika Pahari, our “go-to” person for Numpy documentation. Mukulika is a Computer Science student at Mumbai University. Her passions outside of computing involve things with paper, including reading books (fiction!), folding origami, and journaling. During our interview she discussed why she joined NumPy, what keeps her motivated, and how likely she would recommend becoming a NumPy contributor. Tell us something about yourself. Hi, I am Mukulika.