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Art from UNC BIOL222
As part of the University of North Carolina BIOL222 class, Dr. Catherine Kehl asked her students to “use matplotlib.pyplot to make art.” BIOL222 is Introduction to Programming, aimed at students with no programming background. The emphasis is on practical, hands-on active learning. The students completed the assignment with festive enthusiasm around Halloween. Here are some great examples: Harris Davis showed an affinity for pumpkins, opting to go 3D! # get library for 3d plotting from mpl_toolkits.
Emoji Mosaic Art
A while back, I came across this cool repository to create emoji-art from images. I wanted to use it to transform my mundane Facebook profile picture to something more snazzy. The only trouble? It was written in Rust. So instead of going through the process of installing Rust, I decided to take the easy route and spin up some code to do the same in Python using matplotlib. Because that’s what anyone sane would do, right?